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If you work with ribbons, like satin or floral ribbons, do you find storing them sometimes cumbersome? Do your ribbons get entangled and when you want to find them, it takes time to sort through the tangled mess before you can find what you are looking for? In the past, I used to have a [...]

Bows like the above would add class and perceived value of the gift. But the ready made ones are also quite expensive.  If you have the time, you can try your hand at making ribbon bows because a roll of ribbon can make up to 5 or 10 ribbon bows (depending how large is the [...]

Malacca in Malaysia is well known for its handmade beaded slippers. Each bed is manually attached to the slippers and therefore the entire slippers can take quite sometime to be completed.  The beads are first sown into a cloth where the patterns are normally drawn. Afterwhich, it is transferred onto the shoe. These beaded shoes [...]

Here is a crafted figure of a Japanese woman found at a local display area:

Kelantanese women find new source of income in crystal bead. Free courses on crystal bead embroidery have helped participants in Kelantan to venture into small enterprises for side income. One such person is Che Suraaya Hulaimi Sulaiman, 36, a housewife who said the teachers made it so simple for the participants to learn the techniques [...]

The earth’s natural minerals not only benefit humans but are ornamental too. History shos that interest in precious metals and stones date back to ancient days. In recent times however, the love for precious stones has been promoted and sustained by fashion and marketing. Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, while bling [...]

Meet Regina Silva, who quit a succesful full time job to become a freelance illustrator/graphic designer in Manila. I found her website http://www.wedgienet.net/, through an article, How I Quit My Job to Follow My Dream written by her.  At first she had thought that she had found her dream job as a motion graphic artists. But [...]

For couples planning their weddings- there are many aspect to consider. One of them is what gifts to get for your guests who come to your wedding and present you with gifts. On 14 Nov 09, NTV7 channel via its programme Woman's Zone (aired on Saturdays, 4.30- 5.00pm) did a feature on various creative gift [...]

As I enjoy looking at colours, I found an advert for LG's mobile phone: A creative way of playing with colours, and features such as mailbox, sms, reminders, global connections are brought to life. Yesterday I bought a new mobile phone because my Sony (which I kept dropping on the floor) were giving me ear, [...]

In conjuction of Sesame Street 40th anniversary, Google had featured some cute Google logos in its main search page. I must say that the moment I saw the first Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster poking out of the Google word, I was hooked. Every day, I looked out for the different images featured by Google- [...]

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