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How to Organise Your Craft Supplies

A crafter have to use lots of raw materials to come up with a finished product. Over the years, I’ve accumulated lots and lots of craft supplies and have to constantly find a way to organise it.

I came across this great site: One Hour Craft- Crafting for the Imagination Rich but Time Poor by Mia Binns. Mia wrote an excellent article which is relevant to all crafters out there called Organising Craft Supplies . She had even included snapshots of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. I know many crafters out there gets overwhelmed with stuff being everywhere.  Mia also shared a lot of tutorials on various craft works.

Visit http://www.onehourcraft.com/

Visit http://www.onehourcraft.com/

For instance, I have a huge collection of ribbons of different colours. Each time I start on a craft project, the floor will be filled with ribbons all over the place. If the ribbons are just thrown all over the place, they will get entangled- so I bought an inexpensive tool box (that people use to store tools like drills and hammers) to house all my ribbons, systematically according to colour tone.

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