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Homemade Latern that reflect light

For those who are celebrating, Happy Mooncake Festival- it falls on Saturday, 3 October. If you cannot buy any laterns from your part of the world, why not make your own simple latern to celebrate?

Every Monday, columnist Teresa Wong will feature a craft that the family can get together and do. Her column is published in The Star Malaysian paper and I look forward to reading about her ideas.

On 28 Sept 09, she taught the steps on how to made colourful home laterns. These creations can be used as laterns- or place in a non-windy area, with a lighted tealight candle to capture different shades of light:

Source: The Star, 28 Sept 09

Source: The Star, 28 Sept 09

The materials that she uses are simple and inexpensive- like CD cover or toilet rolls that can be easily obtained from home. To view the full steps, please go to the url below:

Source: http://thestar.com.my/lifestyle/story.asp?file=/2009/9/28/lifeliving/4768514&sec=lifeliving

Caution: Please do not leave any lighted items unattended as it may catch fire.

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