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LG’s advert for its mobile phone

As I enjoy looking at colours, I found an advert for LG’s mobile phone:


A creative way of playing with colours, and features such as mailbox, sms, reminders, global connections are brought to life.

Yesterday I bought a new mobile phone because my Sony (which I kept dropping on the floor) were giving me ear, eye and skin sensitivity when I use it. Figured it is time to change- and guess which brand I changed it to?

Yep…. it’s LG. As a blogger (part time), I know I have to invest on a phone with a good camera feature because sometimes I have to take picture discreetly.  Using my digital camera would be very obvious.  The other bells and whistles functions such as GPS, 3G, music, email, etc does not interest me. So for a mobile phone with the reasonable megapixels- LG is priced the lowest. My phone has a 3 Megapixel which I have to pay about RM300 if I bought a Nokia phone with the same pixels and RM200 if it is a Sony (I don’t want to use Sony phones anymore).

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