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Gift Ideas for Wedding Guests

For couples planning their weddings- there are many aspect to consider. One of them is what gifts to get for your guests who come to your wedding and present you with gifts.

On 14 Nov 09, NTV7 channel via its programme Woman’s Zone (aired on Saturdays, 4.30- 5.00pm) did a feature on various creative gift ideas that you can consider giving to your guests.

Among the gifts/souvenior ideas are:




Notepad memento of the wedding- the cartoon picture can be replaced by the picture of the lovely couple instead.


Or chocolates (on the left side of the picture) with the information on the wedding event and/or the bride & groom’s picture.


Metal gift boxes


The above is not chocolates but candles, placed in a nice bamboo box.


Candles wrapped in coloured paper and tied with a ribbon. 

By having little gifts, guests would leave the wedding with a special take away momento with them that they can keep and use- and think of the couple. Now isn’t that nice 🙂

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