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 Living Cabin has many branches- there is a large store comprising of 3 floors located in front of Kota Raya in Petaling Street area, Kuala Lumpur. The one below is located inside a shopping complex: Living Cabin sells all sorts of items/gifts/ memorablia imaginable like photo frame, money box, note books, stickers, craft kits, fridge [...]

Here are some photos taken from Lovely Lace stores- selling craft, gift items, home decorations. They have started selling Christmas gifts as Christmas is approaching. The items sold by Lovely Lace are of better quality, usually imported- but I understand that the items are not longer made in US- if not mistaken, it's outsourced to [...]

Below are the fridge magnet display in a store in Atria Shopping Complex, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The small magnets seen below are sold for RM1 a piece and if a person buy 12, then it is only RM10. It comes in shapes of animals, food, flowers, etc. The fridge magnets below are 3 for RM10.  It [...]

You can purchase plan looking photo frames and with some creativity wand, you can turn them into unique gifts to friends. But when choosing photo frames, if you want to sew decorations on it, then you would need frames that have curls in which you can hook on. Like the one below: The frame can [...]

Here's an example of a fridge magnet that I've made: I've use the wire hair claws- and then I bend it into a circle. Why I used the hair claws is because it helps me to stitch all components together with ease. At first, I sew the ribbon roses. Then I take a branch from [...]

Combinations of colors around us can be an inspiration..... Above: Colorful jossticks placed at Khao Kitchakut, Thailand Above: Colorful candles before prayers- each color denotes a different day of birth (Monday- Sunday)  Above: Colorful chopsticks taken at Chiang Mai airport

This little store is located alongside a highway stop on my way to Chiang Mai. The stop has a petrol station, 7 Eleven store and Amazon coffee.  When I asked permission from the owner, a middle aged lady to take photo, she promoted some of the items sold in her shop. Compared to the prices [...]

Here is a picture taken from a souvenir or gift kiosk located at Central Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai.  The items here are mass produced- and a lot of places sell such items. But if you can find these items in a lot of shops, then usually people would not be buying it a lot. When [...]

When the cross stitch craze first started decades ago when I was very young, I remembered the cross stitch cloth and the threads specially for cross stitch are very pricey. Today, the price had gone down and I can find cross stitch kits being sold at some gift or stationery shops. Above: Together with the cloth, [...]

 Do you find that sometimes, the magnets fall off the decoration after a while?  That is why I don't really like to glue the magnets to the decorations- unless you are using super glue- but you may risk gluing your fingers. Usually when I make fridge magnets, I do not glue- but I take the [...]

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