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Decorating gemstones on Barbie Dolls

Last year, a company tried a creative advertising method to showcase its diamonds and gemstones in an exibition. Using 99 Barbie dolls in beautiful wedding dresses and an additional 9 display feature gowns adorned with gemstones.


If you look at the photo above, the Barbie dolls are beautifully dressed- it would definitely attract a lot of visitors especially the ladies and it’s refreshing that the company thought of the idea of decorating these dolls, instead of using life models to showcase the gems.

It’s a good idea to use dolls as display- like making miniature dresses/ gowns and dressing up the dolls in it but to make it known that the actual ones are being sold.


The photos have been taken in an article published on The Star paper on 27 June 2009 that writes about Wah Chan Forever Love Diamond Fest which was held in Mid Valley Megamall last year.

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