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Decorating T Shirts or Vest with Tribal Art

The Star paper started a column called Trendsformer which will appear on the paper every second Monday of the month that provide creative ideas on how to recycle old outfits in your wardrobe.

It’s interesting- with just simple tools like water spray container, fabric paint and fabric marker pen, you can even turn this as a fun project for the family- the kids will have a great time letting their creativity run and come up with their own little designs….previously with the cupcake craze, a lot of kids have their hands in designing cream toppings for cupcakes and then eating them….

With new project, the kids get to explore with all types of Tshirts that you can get from Giant or Carrefour for less than RM5.

But if you want to try out Tribal Art, try the suggestion of the author, Victor Khoo:



For the online article (with clear graphic step-by-step process), please visit The Star Online, Trendsformer, Tribal Art (10 May 2010) by Victor Khoo.

 You can also visit the author’s blog at: http://victorkhoofashion.blogspot.com/

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