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Cross stitch kits are now available at very reasonable price and sold in kits form- with the design and cross stitch materials supplied as one you can find in Living Cabin store: Designs such as for Chinese weddings, people in love and puppies.

Like the name of this store- Lot 4 Dreamer :) The stall sells handmade wooden frams among other decorative items. The owner was no where to be seen...and therefore I had the photo taken.

 Made quite a number of ribbon roses- stitched to hair combs as below. I bought the hair combs in bulk and I have lots of ribbon roses of different colours. So stitch them to the combs.   Another one is the hair pins as per below:   To make one like that would take me [...]

KL born artist Jake Goh paints visual art by listening to his heart.  He loves music and wanted to share his love with everyone but he is not a musican. The abstract works, which were inspired by musical instruments like the guitar, violin and piano were painted in such a way as if they were [...]

The weekly craft bazaar is being held at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara during Saturdays and Sundays. On weekdays the area is a walkway but on weekdays, it's a craft bazaar. On the left and right side, the stores consists mostly of restaurants and bistro where patrons hang out for meal and at the same time [...]

We have chocolate, blueberries, plain, peanuts, cream that are placed on top or inside the doughnuts. But have you heard about sushi based doughnuts: I saw this when I  walked past Big Apple Doughnuts and Coffee outlet yesterday. This really beats the imagination.... Few years ago, there was this doughnut craze and a few chain [...]

No matter how busy you are, you can always find time to indulge in your hobby or pursue your interest as shown in the article below on a famous Rojak seller in Penang called Khor Ewe Hock who made dough figurines for 50 years n his free time: Khor operates his rojak store from noon [...]

I use Google each time I go online as it is a truly effective search engine. And certain days, one would be greeted by a plesant surprise by the cute designs made into the word of "Google". Following are 2 that I managed to spot in February 2011: For full listing of Google Doodles, check out [...]

Well, it's a tough world for crafters out there... to compete with mass produced items: This problem began about 10 years ago or more. See the items above, below is the pricing that it is sold in a local night market. Of course, the quality of item may not be good- but consumers nowadays prefer [...]

  Here is a picture of crafted barang hantaran kahwin- base decorated using ribbons, polystrene, lace, beads- usually when used by both bride and bridegroom to put gifts sent to one another.     a

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