Artist who listens to his heart when painting astract art

KL born artist Jake Goh paints visual art by listening to his heart.  He loves music and wanted to share his love with everyone but he is not a musican.


The abstract works, which were inspired by musical instruments like the guitar, violin and piano were painted in such a way as if they were a music composition. Done in bright colours (yellow, orange, lime green background) will invoke joy while others done in light blue or turquoise give calmer feelings.


If musicans listen to their inner voice from their heart while composing their music, the artist also listens to his inner heart in producing the painting.

Even though most artists may capture the images that they want to paint on camera first before transferring them to their canvas, Goh prefers to work on the canvas straight.

The self taught artist believes that nothing is impossible in the world. With hard work and dedication, anyone could achieve what they want to do.

Starting as mere imitating works by famous artists for his own pleasure, his passion in painting deepened with encouragement from friends especially those who have bought his work.

Although he admitted realism was still his best style, he has done a lot of abstract pieces these days.

“Abstract allows more freedom for viewers to interpret my work,” he said.


The original article was published in The Star paper on 6 June 2009.

The artist can be contacted at jakegoh2001   @   yahoo. com (remove the spaces when sending the email)

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