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Graffiti and Neon Lights Stickers with Messages

The following is the stickers with Grafitti and Neon Lights theme. Both were ordered from a local sticker maker when I was in early high school- those days my friends and I placed the order together and we get to see a catalogue with many different design.

These were kind of tough messages that you may see sprayed on walls such as: I’m the boss, Look Out, Don’t Read This, No Fun, No Problem, Leave Me Alone, Wild Thing, etc.

Next we have the NEON light stickers:

Messages that wanted to reach across are in Neon or flourenscent colours. Examples such as: Wake Up!, Help, I’m Cool, Stop, Let me out, I have brains, Oh Dear, I Need Money, I’m in Love, Hungry, I feel sick….

Creative huh- these were made decades ago. And till today, the sticker is still in quite reasonably good condition. 

Note: Sorry folks, those with missing boxes are what I’ve used already.

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