Uplift your mood at work by adding creative touches to office stationeries

We spend so many hours a day at work and if the nature of our work is monotonous or mundane, it can reallu stifle that creativity spirit within us.

So, how about adding creative touches to our everyday usual office stuff to uplift our mood and to cheer ourselves up?

For me, I’ve change my desktop background image to an image of a snapshot of an artpiece that I really admire. Each time when my brain feels tired or muddled from all the work and issues going through my head, all I need to do is to minimize my desktop and look at the calm mood that the artwork had inspired me.

A colleague of mine did something creative- she pasted her calculator with sticky pink stone beads (the type used for the back of mobile phone). The calculator is something she used very often so she finds that it helped to uplift her mood as the nature of her job is very stressful.

So if you are feeling stressed at work, why not think of something you love an incorporate it into your workspace?

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