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There is a Facebook page called I love cakes http://www.penangweddingcakes.com/ where the creator, Lee Sin featured so beautifully done cakes: The story behind each cake is explained in her website. The wonder of it is that she could produce such detailed pieces even though she was formerly never a baker or cake maker by profession [...]

Below is an interesting use of "fatt guo", a traditional Chinese offering. The fatt guo is a Chinese version of cupcake. The fatt guo is preserved and used as decoration. Below it is put together with plastic plants as decoration.

Cute fridge magnets taken from someone's fridge magnet collection.

Came across this place which utilized old tyres as flower pots for hanging plants and flowers. When grouped together, don't you think that they look unique and nice? This place also does recycling and leftover plants and food are used for fertilizer. It is a good idea to go green. Posted from my mobile

The following ang pau packet designs are quite creative and mostly from companies in Singapore like Fairprice, OUB and OCBC: The one with the dragon was last year's design. Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all.

Sometimes when you need inspiration,  magazines can help spark some creativity. Example is let's look at a pink stationery as part of an interesting assortments of colours featured in the December Cleo magazine. The mini pink stationery set was first struck my eyes from the entire page as you see below: But this little cute [...]

This handmade chocolate goodie bag makes a cute gift for a friend. You can replace the contents with mixture of sweets, candies and chocolates. In the package below, Cadbury Diary milk is the main chocolate being used as it is in purple theme to match the purple rose. A few Ferrore Rocher are added inside [...]

Below is a picture of a flower bouquet made using plastic purple flowers. By buying better quality flowers to make the bouquet,  the flowers look real and what's more, it can last - till perhaps it got too dusty to be cleaned. The artificial flowers are wrapped using purple decorative flower wrappers. Each flowers are [...]

Instead of just having a plain looking wall clock, some manufacturers design the wall clock that comes in a set with painting. Like the photo below, you can see the entire set consists of 4 parts with only one part that is the clock itself against the backdrop of the painting. The one below was [...]