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Going through IKEA, I noticed that they sell a huge jar of beads in assorted colours for only RM25. As usual, there would be explanation and tips on what you can do with their items. The display section on the beads above shows: Left side: The finished product Right side: The raw materials- ie the [...]

Because I love beads, I've spent years scouting for them all over the place. For many years, it seemed that I never got tired looking at them- so I've amassed quite a collection and spent a little fortune just on buying beads. When buying, you may be wondering, 'should I buy in bulk or buy [...]

You can add beautiful finishing touches to wooden photo frames by gluing ribbon roses and beads on them. The wooden photo frame below is from Ikea. How to do it:  1.  Use the Uhu glue and glue some ribbons alongside the border covering the 4 angle of the frame. 2.  Then I sew some pink and purple [...]

Last year, a company tried a creative advertising method to showcase its diamonds and gemstones in an exibition. Using 99 Barbie dolls in beautiful wedding dresses and an additional 9 display feature gowns adorned with gemstones. If you look at the photo above, the Barbie dolls are beautifully dressed- it would definitely attract a lot [...]

When the first hand made stretchable double combs first came out, a lot of long hair ladies loved it. I remember the first ones I've seen was sold for RM29.90 via a craft bazaar. The owner claimed he had handmade it himself, but later, exact duplicates were being seen all over the bazaars- which had [...]

Derek Tan certainly has guts! He has a job that most other guys would not do or even talk about. In fact, Tan ventured into a field that is so much liked by women and is ever so comfortable when he’s deftly crafting with beads. That’s right! Tan is a jewellery maker and with nimble [...]

Malacca in Malaysia is well known for its handmade beaded slippers. Each bed is manually attached to the slippers and therefore the entire slippers can take quite sometime to be completed.  The beads are first sown into a cloth where the patterns are normally drawn. Afterwhich, it is transferred onto the shoe. These beaded shoes [...]

The earth’s natural minerals not only benefit humans but are ornamental too. History shos that interest in precious metals and stones date back to ancient days. In recent times however, the love for precious stones has been promoted and sustained by fashion and marketing. Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, while bling [...]