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Craft Stores

A store can really make use of their glass display to showcase the items that they are selling. These items, arranged neatly, sometimes with themes can really attract visitors to their store. One inspiring display is from Daiso whereby they would have glass as part of their store boundaries and then display all their items [...]

This little kiosk – no longer operational the last I checked was selling handphone skin covers: What they do is that they have a lot of different handphone cover designs in which they display on a huge photo album. You go through the huge array of pictures and select the design you like. And tata…..the [...]

Here are some kiosks located in Sunway Pyramid shopping center, one of the major shopping center in Klang Valley: Below is a sample of one of the craft kiosks: The kiosk offers to print images and customise whatever you wish to print on pillows and stickers. As well as it offers the meaning behind your [...]

The weekly craft bazaar is being held at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara during Saturdays and Sundays. On weekdays the area is a walkway but on weekdays, it’s a craft bazaar. On the left and right side, the stores consists mostly of restaurants and bistro where patrons hang out for meal and at the same time [...]

Here’s the various offerings on a Famous Amos Candy Cart, located in a local supermarket: Various items are available on this little cart that is customised into a shape of a vintage car. The teddy bear hampers with cookies inside. Lasting, practical and editable… There are smaller onces that comes in a small little bear [...]

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