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Craft Tips

This handmade chocolate goodie bag makes a cute gift for a friend. You can replace the contents with mixture of sweets, candies and chocolates. In the package below, Cadbury Diary milk is the main chocolate being used as it is in purple theme to match the purple rose. A few Ferrore Rocher are added inside [...]

You can purchase plan looking photo frames and with some creativity wand, you can turn them into unique gifts to friends. But when choosing photo frames, if you want to sew decorations on it, then you would need frames that have curls in which you can hook on. Like the one below: The frame can [...]

Everything around you can be an inspiration in your creative products. Product advertisement in the papers, billboards, magazines will give you lots of ideas on the colours you can use. Years ago, I bought 2 Color Harmony books. Color Harmony contains ideas on combinations of colors that you can use. At the back, there are [...]

As you venture into crafting, which usually begins as a hobby, you would need to source for your materials. Personally, I have not bought any craft supplies online. But sourcing for items has been a very interesting journey, equally as interesting as the hobby itself. When we are constantly using the items, naturally we will [...]

If you work with ribbons, like satin or floral ribbons, do you find storing them sometimes cumbersome? Do your ribbons get entangled and when you want to find them, it takes time to sort through the tangled mess before you can find what you are looking for? In the past, I used to have a [...]

If you have a hobby that you are good at doing, why not consider offering weekend classes for beginners? For those who are into crafting, you can offer these classes at weekend craft bazaars (they are a lot of them mushrooming around) or promote this via name cards and blogs/websites. It reminds me of shops [...]

This site contains lots of free information on various crafting subjects such as: knitting polymer clay items beaded flowers cross stitch Please visit http://kimberlychapman.com/crafts/crafts.html

A crafter have to use lots of raw materials to come up with a finished product. Over the years, I've accumulated lots and lots of craft supplies and have to constantly find a way to organise it. I came across this great site: One Hour Craft- Crafting for the Imagination Rich but Time Poor by Mia [...]