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Creative Advertising

Sometimes when you need inspiration,  magazines can help spark some creativity. Example is let's look at a pink stationery as part of an interesting assortments of colours featured in the December Cleo magazine. The mini pink stationery set was first struck my eyes from the entire page as you see below: But this little cute [...]

This advertisement board is found outside a shop selling ladies' shoes- specially high heels. The way the high heels of different colours are arranged makes it eyecatching. This is found in a boutique located at Central Plaza shopping complex, Bangkok.

From young, I have always love clothes by Sommerset Bay. I've taken pictures of one that were published in the papers way back in 2009- which I think too good to just be just in 'yesterday's papers'. This one features Alicia Keys in it wearing my favourite colour :) Above: Exposed pockets and threadbare finish. [...]

I use Google each time I go online as it is a truly effective search engine. And certain days, one would be greeted by a plesant surprise by the cute designs made into the word of "Google". Following are 2 that I managed to spot in February 2011: For full listing of Google Doodles, check out [...]

Here's the various offerings on a Famous Amos Candy Cart, located in a local supermarket: Various items are available on this little cart that is customised into a shape of a vintage car. The teddy bear hampers with cookies inside. Lasting, practical and editable... There are smaller onces that comes in a small little bear [...]

Last year, a company tried a creative advertising method to showcase its diamonds and gemstones in an exibition. Using 99 Barbie dolls in beautiful wedding dresses and an additional 9 display feature gowns adorned with gemstones. If you look at the photo above, the Barbie dolls are beautifully dressed- it would definitely attract a lot [...]

As I enjoy looking at colours, I found an advert for LG's mobile phone: A creative way of playing with colours, and features such as mailbox, sms, reminders, global connections are brought to life. Yesterday I bought a new mobile phone because my Sony (which I kept dropping on the floor) were giving me ear, [...]

In conjuction of Sesame Street 40th anniversary, Google had featured some cute Google logos in its main search page. I must say that the moment I saw the first Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster poking out of the Google word, I was hooked. Every day, I looked out for the different images featured by Google- [...]

In the olden days, there are only about 2 flavours of mooncakes- they were stacked on top of one another and wrapped using a piece of paper. Else, pay 30sen more and you get a cardboard box that can store 4 mooncakes- usually bought for gifts. Each mooncake those days were handmade fresh and contain [...]

Maxis (Malaysia's mobile company) ran a couple of advertisement that showcase a lot of mouthwatering edible cute stuff. Here are some cute chocolate pieces that you can literally sink your teeth into: