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Creative Life

The photo consists of a collage of kids’ handprints using paint and printed on white tiles. It is then made into part of the wall. Eye catching and creative. This collage can be found in the new wing of One Utama.

We spend so many hours a day at work and if the nature of our work is monotonous or mundane, it can reallu stifle that creativity spirit within us. So, how about adding creative touches to our everyday usual office stuff to uplift our mood and to cheer ourselves up? For me, I’ve change my [...]

Combinations of colors around us can be an inspiration….. Above: Colorful jossticks placed at Khao Kitchakut, Thailand Above: Colorful candles before prayers- each color denotes a different day of birth (Monday- Sunday)  Above: Colorful chopsticks taken at Chiang Mai airport

About few weeks ago, I had a strange dream. I dream that I saw my late dad and the setting was back at our old house (before we renovated the house, it was really a run down shack). My dad took out boxes of crafts that I used to make and was showing them back [...]

Well, some crafters may be hopelessly challenged in organising. Even though as a crafter, being organised makes you find things easier, sometimes the habit of leaving crafting materials all over the table to be within reach spilled over in other areas of our lives. We know we need to pay our bills on time, get [...]