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Edible Cuties

The muffins below each being sold by AEON Jusco for RM2.50. It consists It carries decorations using different toppings, flavours and decorations. The cartoon characters are made using icing sugar. Below was for Christmas theme. For other festivals or celebration, all we need to do is to change the topping on top. Cupcakes and muffins [...]

There is a Facebook page called I love cakes http://www.penangweddingcakes.com/ where the creator, Lee Sin featured so beautifully done cakes: The story behind each cake is explained in her website. The wonder of it is that she could produce such detailed pieces even though she was formerly never a baker or cake maker by profession [...]

Below is an interesting use of "fatt guo", a traditional Chinese offering. The fatt guo is a Chinese version of cupcake. The fatt guo is preserved and used as decoration. Below it is put together with plastic plants as decoration.

This picture is taken outside a bakery shop located in Bangkok. An ordinary cookie is turned into a smiley cookie through using raisins and walnut (that form the smile shape). The shop also sell jelly candies, cakes and bread. The cakes sold here are quite nice. Cute edibles would attract kids attention- hence nudging their [...]

A friend shared a photo of the Angry Bird cupcakes baked by a creative lady. The cupcakes are so colourful and each Angry Bird has a different colour:

We have chocolate, blueberries, plain, peanuts, cream that are placed on top or inside the doughnuts. But have you heard about sushi based doughnuts: I saw this when I  walked past Big Apple Doughnuts and Coffee outlet yesterday. This really beats the imagination.... Few years ago, there was this doughnut craze and a few chain [...]

Here's the various offerings on a Famous Amos Candy Cart, located in a local supermarket: Various items are available on this little cart that is customised into a shape of a vintage car. The teddy bear hampers with cookies inside. Lasting, practical and editable... There are smaller onces that comes in a small little bear [...]

Aren't the colorful roses below beautiful? They're completely edible!  These roses are on sale and I  can't resist taking pictures of them- they come in all sorts of pastel colors in which I love.  The one below would look beautiful gracing a grand wedding cake.  Edible roses and flowers are made from ingredients similar to wafer or [...]

Today at a bookstore, I saw some boxes consisting of cupcake making kit which is suitable for kids as a weekend craft project.  The toolbox is availabe only for RM32.90- prices now have definitely gone down compared to the initial cupcake craze. In the box, there is a 40 page colourful book teaching you how [...]

Cuppacakes are a collection of cupcakes that you can order- and collect. The Cuppacake story is truly inspiring.  I remember about 2 years ago, my colleagues were excitedly talking about cupcakes- you get to select from a rich variety of designs, then you call and place your order and then collect from a place in [...]

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