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Edible Cuties

There is a Facebook page called I love cakes http://www.penangweddingcakes.com/ where the creator, Lee Sin featured so beautifully done cakes: The story behind each cake is explained in her website. The wonder of it is that she could produce such detailed pieces even though she was formerly never a baker or cake maker by profession [...]

Below is an interesting use of “fatt guo”, a traditional Chinese offering. The fatt guo is a Chinese version of cupcake. The fatt guo is preserved and used as decoration. Below it is put together with plastic plants as decoration.

A friend shared a photo of the Angry Bird cupcakes baked by a creative lady. The cupcakes are so colourful and each Angry Bird has a different colour: Above were made by Rabiadul Adawiah Here is a very popular video in YouTube that teach us how to make Angry Bird cupcakes:  

We have chocolate, blueberries, plain, peanuts, cream that are placed on top or inside the doughnuts. But have you heard about sushi based doughnuts: I saw this when I  walked past Big Apple Doughnuts and Coffee outlet yesterday. This really beats the imagination…. Few years ago, there was this doughnut craze and a few chain [...]

Here’s the various offerings on a Famous Amos Candy Cart, located in a local supermarket: Various items are available on this little cart that is customised into a shape of a vintage car. The teddy bear hampers with cookies inside. Lasting, practical and editable… There are smaller onces that comes in a small little bear [...]

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