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Below is a picture of a flower bouquet made using plastic purple flowers. By buying better quality flowers to make the bouquet,  the flowers look real and what's more, it can last - till perhaps it got too dusty to be cleaned. The artificial flowers are wrapped using purple decorative flower wrappers. Each flowers are [...]

While walking in Chinatown, I came across some cute looking mini flower bouquets- sold for about RM10. Petaling Street or Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur have many flower suppliers and florist. One can get cute hand bouquets or the full fledged bouquets from there. The design shown contained bouquets made for graduation as well as adorable [...]

Here is a picture of the birds of paradise arranged on top of daisies. From far, I had thought the picture were of artificial birds but as I got nearer I noticed it is the flower arrangement featuring bird of paradise. This picture is taken at the Kuala Lumpur International airport near the international departure [...]

In weddings and official functions, you can find bouquets such as shown in the pictures. These are made from plastic flower petals formed together to make a rose flower ball. These flowers are not only more enduring, but they can be recycled, taken down and rearranged in a different form. It can be washed when [...]

Nowadays, dolls are being used in place of flowers in bouquet- because they are longer lasting. Some bouquets are filled with chocolates and candies. Hmmm.... and idea ....since the price of flowers during Valentine's Day soar sky high... why not buy a bouquet that consist of dolls...which can be kept and give it to our [...]

If you have a skill, perhaps you can consider passing on your skills to the underprivileged and the poor. With the skills the poor can hope to earn extra income. An example is a recent flower arrangement workshop held in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The workshop is held with the aim for women from poorer [...]