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Fridge Magnets

There are many craft kiosks around: here are a craft kiosk that sells various items, fridge magnets being one of them: There are various designs consisting of food items like cakes and decorated doughnuts.

Below are the fridge magnet display in a store in Atria Shopping Complex, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The small magnets seen below are sold for RM1 a piece and if a person buy 12, then it is only RM10. It comes in shapes of animals, food, flowers, etc. The fridge magnets below are 3 for RM10.  It [...]

Here's an example of a fridge magnet that I've made: I've use the wire hair claws- and then I bend it into a circle. Why I used the hair claws is because it helps me to stitch all components together with ease. At first, I sew the ribbon roses. Then I take a branch from [...]

 Do you find that sometimes, the magnets fall off the decoration after a while?  That is why I don't really like to glue the magnets to the decorations- unless you are using super glue- but you may risk gluing your fingers. Usually when I make fridge magnets, I do not glue- but I take the [...]

Here are some fridge magnets sold in a gift store: I have bought the purple and green tortoise fridge magnets because tortoise and turtles are some of my favourite animals.

Because I love ribbon roses so much, I use them to make all sorts of crafts. Below are a few of the ribbon roses fridge magnets that I've made using inexpensive satin ribbons:  Basically I just stitch the ribbon roses together and top off the sides with another lace ribbon.  After that, I stiched them to [...]

Recently, Lux soap gave a very interesting free gift for those who buy 6 bars of soap. Fridge magnet shaped as masks that comes with different colours, according to the colour of the soap: Don't you think these little magnet looks quite classy? 6 bar of soaps cost less than RM5, I think but the [...]

Y.H. Kelsey has provided a tutorial on how to make fridge magnets using molds. As I love to make fridge magnets, I keep the tutorial for reference. For more information, please visit: http://dragonfliesandhydrangeas.blogspot.com/2008/11/tutorial-how-to-make-fridge-magnets.html

EHow.com website contained a few articles on how to make fridge magnets that you may find interesting: How to Make a Halloween Refrigerator Magnets How to Make Refrigerator Magnets Using Found Objects How to Make Button Magnets I also did a search using the key word 'fridge magnets' at eHow.

I absolutely love fridge magnets as I make some myself using ribbon roses. For more pictures, please visit his site at http://davesfimofigures.com/Earrings/Earrings.html. David Fisher makes them to give away to his friends. Some items in the pictures are earrings. He was generous enough to share some tips on how to make figurines using Fimo polymer [...]