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Fridge Magnets

Below are the fridge magnet display in a store in Atria Shopping Complex, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The small magnets seen below are sold for RM1 a piece and if a person buy 12, then it is only RM10. It comes in shapes of animals, food, flowers, etc. The fridge magnets below are 3 for RM10.  It [...]

Here’s an example of a fridge magnet that I’ve made: I’ve use the wire hair claws- and then I bend it into a circle. Why I used the hair claws is because it helps me to stitch all components together with ease. At first, I sew the ribbon roses. Then I take a branch from [...]

 Do you find that sometimes, the magnets fall off the decoration after a while?  That is why I don’t really like to glue the magnets to the decorations- unless you are using super glue- but you may risk gluing your fingers. Usually when I make fridge magnets, I do not glue- but I take the [...]

Here are some fridge magnets sold in a gift store: I have bought the purple and green tortoise fridge magnets because tortoise and turtles are some of my favourite animals.

Because I love ribbon roses so much, I use them to make all sorts of crafts. Below are a few of the ribbon roses fridge magnets that I’ve made using inexpensive satin ribbons:  Basically I just stitch the ribbon roses together and top off the sides with another lace ribbon.  After that, I stiched them to [...]

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