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Gift Wrapping

We used to make goodie bags in the past for our department on each festive period (Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas)… well not us but we usually would engage the new staff during their break time to help out. As the goodie bags were for about 200 pax, we had to use [...]

Plastic flowers would be evergreen – the flowers does not wilt and can be kept in display for a long time. There are more and more people who prefer to have plastic flowers than real flowers. If you look at the bouquet below, all the flowers are made from plastic, wrapped with ribbons and placed [...]

Here is a picture of crafted barang hantaran kahwin- base decorated using ribbons, polystrene, lace, beads- usually when used by both bride and bridegroom to put gifts sent to one another. I really enjoy looking at Malay wedding gifts as the items are often creatively made- there are many creative variations and there are local [...]

Nowadays, dolls are being used in place of flowers in bouquet- because they are longer lasting. Some bouquets are filled with chocolates and candies. Hmmm…. and idea ….since the price of flowers during Valentine’s Day soar sky high… why not buy a bouquet that consist of dolls…which can be kept and give it to our [...]

Wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and drive carefully if you are going back to your hometown :) Here are some articles written on the various decorative items sold from my Visit Malaysia blog: Laterns, artificial flowers and decos sold by Craft Shops: CNY Hampers sold in Hypermarket (they even have gourmet gift baskets now): [...]

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