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Gift Wrapping

This handmade chocolate goodie bag makes a cute gift for a friend. You can replace the contents with mixture of sweets, candies and chocolates. In the package below, Cadbury Diary milk is the main chocolate being used as it is in purple theme to match the purple rose. A few Ferrore Rocher are added inside [...]

Below is a picture of a flower bouquet made using plastic purple flowers. By buying better quality flowers to make the bouquet,  the flowers look real and what's more, it can last - till perhaps it got too dusty to be cleaned. The artificial flowers are wrapped using purple decorative flower wrappers. Each flowers are [...]

  Here is a picture of crafted barang hantaran kahwin- base decorated using ribbons, polystrene, lace, beads- usually when used by both bride and bridegroom to put gifts sent to one another.     a

Nowadays, dolls are being used in place of flowers in bouquet- because they are longer lasting. Some bouquets are filled with chocolates and candies. Hmmm.... and idea ....since the price of flowers during Valentine's Day soar sky high... why not buy a bouquet that consist of dolls...which can be kept and give it to our [...]

Tomorrow marks the first day of Chinese New Year. Wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and drive carefully if you are going back to your hometown :) Here are some articles written on the various decorative items sold from my Visit Malaysia blog: Laterns, artificial flowers and decos sold by Craft Shops: CNY Hampers [...]

Bows like the above would add class and perceived value of the gift. But the ready made ones are also quite expensive.  If you have the time, you can try your hand at making ribbon bows because a roll of ribbon can make up to 5 or 10 ribbon bows (depending how large is the [...]

For couples planning their weddings- there are many aspect to consider. One of them is what gifts to get for your guests who come to your wedding and present you with gifts. On 14 Nov 09, NTV7 channel via its programme Woman's Zone (aired on Saturdays, 4.30- 5.00pm) did a feature on various creative gift [...]

Satin or any form of gift wrap ribbons sold at gift stores are often ridiculously overpriced. A good place to get these satin ribbons or beads is from a shop that sells sewing items- the shop would carry variety of ribbons, buttons, zippers, beads, wools, yarns, and even Christmas decorations at a cheaper price. When [...]

Christmas is approaching the corner and is now to shop for Christmas gifts. If you intend to give a gift basket to your friends/family, why not assemble one yourself rather than buying it off the stores or ordering online? The creative part of you would of course want to personalise your own gift basket and [...]

Heather Bullard has some beautiful photos of gift wrapping ideas. Some of the items used can be taken from everyday things like old wrapping paper or extra ribbons. Check out the Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3.