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Tomorrow marks the first day of Chinese New Year. Wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and drive carefully if you are going back to your hometown :) Here are some articles written on the various decorative items sold from my Visit Malaysia blog: Laterns, artificial flowers and decos sold by Craft Shops: CNY Hampers [...]

Here are two small greeting cards companies who would normally distribute brochures to my company. The cards are sold at a cheaper price compared to Memory Lane and Hallmark. However, I do not think that both these companies have their own websites- as such, they need to get sales person, and sometimes the owner have [...]

If you sell craft supplies, it is important to distinguish yourself from other suppliers. Also, do you know that there are many people searching for craft supplies in your area. Being a crafter myself in the days when websites were just beginning to get popular, I have to search and explore places to look for [...]