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Displaying using an array of colours will attract attention of customers. Once the eye is attracted to the colour display, the customer’s imagination would run on the potential uses of the item. That is why if it is a craft store, it should contain some samples of finished products arranged in the store display to [...]

Wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and drive carefully if you are going back to your hometown :) Here are some articles written on the various decorative items sold from my Visit Malaysia blog: Laterns, artificial flowers and decos sold by Craft Shops: CNY Hampers sold in Hypermarket (they even have gourmet gift baskets now): [...]

Here are two small greeting cards companies who would normally distribute brochures to my company. The cards are sold at a cheaper price compared to Memory Lane and Hallmark. However, I do not think that both these companies have their own websites- as such, they need to get sales person, and sometimes the owner have [...]

If you sell craft supplies, it is important to distinguish yourself from other suppliers. Also, do you know that there are many people searching for craft supplies in your area. Being a crafter myself in the days when websites were just beginning to get popular, I have to search and explore places to look for [...]