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Garfield stickers come in all designs and inventions. You even have Garfield dressed up with different zodiac signs like Leo, Aquarious, Pisces, Taurus, Libra, Virgo, etc. As today is Mooncake festival, I thought of sharing some zodiac based stickers from our cartoon character Garfield: And the second one:

Here are more Garfield stickers which I had bought over the years- some after when I started working when places like Living Cabin were having offer:  The above is very cute. More if it....   What's next after this...

I really have a lot of Garfield stickers because I grew up during the time when Garfield stickers were really popular. Let me share the early ones which some I had bought from friends, and some my mom bought back from department stores (that had long gone bankcrupt by now). These stickers were with me [...]

The following is the stickers with Grafitti and Neon Lights theme. Both were ordered from a local sticker maker when I was in early high school- those days my friends and I placed the order together and we get to see a catalogue with many different design. These were kind of tough messages that you [...]

Here's the final collection from the stickers I bought from Guardian about 20 years ago: It has Tweety (sounds like the now Twitter), Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Piggy. Next we have...Road Runner and the Bad Wolf- forever trying to catch Road Runner but failed miserably: As well as Sylvester- forever after Tweety Bird Made [...]

Following from the Pink Panther collection, I also bought some Bugs Bunny stickers then. They are shinny and glossy- and stickers like that are not really made anymore: The stickers were original and it's always 20 years old :) Next....more from Looney Tunes stickers...

When I was young, I love to buy and collect stickers. The hobby started since I was about 8 or 9 years old. At first, I kept my stickers haphazardly and it became very disorganized. One day, I got myself a huge photo album (those with sticky plastic covers) to put my stickers in. From then, [...]

You can buy stickers with Chinese New Year theme and use it for various purposes: Decoration on the cookie tin for your CNY cookies, or as a sealer for your ang pao packets, as an addition to a greeting card, or part of the gift on a hamper. Or to keep in a sticker collection [...]

This little sticker kiosk called Trisin Trading has been around for about 7 to 8 years and it's located at Carrefour Subang Parade. It's a place where you can pick up your favourite designs and some personal message and have them made for you immediately.  These catalogues are quite worn out because they've been used for a [...]

In the local television in 8TV, I chanced upon a segment on a paper crafter- if I remember correctly, he is based in Malacca. The pictures were snapped straight from the TV screen (that's why you can see the Chinese subtitles): The decorative cutting can be used to decorate glass walls like the one above. [...]

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