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Like the name of this store- Lot 4 Dreamer :) The stall sells handmade wooden frams among other decorative items. The owner was no where to be seen...and therefore I had the photo taken.

This little store is located alongside a highway stop on my way to Chiang Mai. The stop has a petrol station, 7 Eleven store and Amazon coffee.  When I asked permission from the owner, a middle aged lady to take photo, she promoted some of the items sold in her shop. Compared to the prices [...]

Here are some crafts sold at a 100 year old market in Suphan Buri, Thailand: Yes, most of these items are probably mass produced in Thailand. See the price tag on the picture above? Each item only cost 10 baht (RM1 or less than USD0.30).  These items made inexpensive souveniors to buy to take back [...]

Here's a mini handrack that can be used and hanged as a painting. Bought this from Hatyai, Thailand when I went there for teambuilding years ago. Paid about 200 over baht for this. Guess I was ripped because as I got familar with travelling in Thailand years later, I've seen shops selling better designs for [...]