Creative Store Display Using Colors- to inspire customers to buy

Displaying using an array of colours will attract attention of customers. Once the eye is attracted to the colour display, the customer’s imagination would run on the potential uses of the item. That is why if it is a craft store, it should contain some samples of finished products arranged in the store display to [...]

Beautiful painting of an owl on the walls of carpark

Beautiful painting of an owl on the walls of carpark thumbnail

Below is a painting of a huge owl painted on a parking complex in PJ State: The painting of the owl is done at a corner wall of a 5 storey carkpark (the MBPJ building is located at the backdrop). From far, the painting is eye catching and definitely not an easy feat to produce [...]

Artistic Cakes-so beautiful and well done

Artistic Cakes-so beautiful and well done thumbnail

There is a Facebook page called I love cakes where the creator, Lee Sin featured so beautifully done cakes: The story behind each cake is explained in her website. The wonder of it is that she could produce such detailed pieces even though she was formerly never a baker or cake maker by profession [...]

Interesting use of food for house decoration

Below is an interesting use of “fatt guo”, a traditional Chinese offering. The fatt guo is a Chinese version of cupcake. The fatt guo is preserved and used as decoration. Below it is put together with plastic plants as decoration.

Cute fridge magnets

Cute fridge magnets taken from someone’s fridge magnet collection.