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This picture is taken outside a bakery shop located in Bangkok. An ordinary cookie is turned into a smiley cookie through using raisins and walnut (that form the smile shape). The shop also sell jelly candies, cakes and bread. The cakes sold here are quite nice.

Cute edibles would attract kids attention- hence nudging their parents to buy for them. Instead of making just ordinary looking cookies, we can consider making the round cookie into a smiley face. The kids would surely love it 🙂

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The photo consists of a collage of kids’ handprints using paint and printed on white tiles. It is then made into part of the wall. Eye catching and creative. This collage can be found in the new wing of One Utama.

This advertisement board is found outside a shop selling ladies’ shoes- specially high heels. The way the high heels of different colours are arranged makes it eyecatching. This is found in a boutique located at Central Plaza shopping complex, Bangkok.

We spend so many hours a day at work and if the nature of our work is monotonous or mundane, it can reallu stifle that creativity spirit within us.

So, how about adding creative touches to our everyday usual office stuff to uplift our mood and to cheer ourselves up?

For me, I’ve change my desktop background image to an image of a snapshot of an artpiece that I really admire. Each time when my brain feels tired or muddled from all the work and issues going through my head, all I need to do is to minimize my desktop and look at the calm mood that the artwork had inspired me.

A colleague of mine did something creative- she pasted her calculator with sticky pink stone beads (the type used for the back of mobile phone). The calculator is something she used very often so she finds that it helped to uplift her mood as the nature of her job is very stressful.

So if you are feeling stressed at work, why not think of something you love an incorporate it into your workspace?

While walking in Chinatown, I came across some cute looking mini flower bouquets- sold for about RM10. Petaling Street or Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur have many flower suppliers and florist. One can get cute hand bouquets or the full fledged bouquets from there.

The design shown contained bouquets made for graduation as well as adorable Hello Kitty dolls.

Florists would come up with all sorts of design. No doubt it may be more simple and not sophisticated but pricing are more affordable.

I came across these wall paintings located at the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, at the walls of the Naiin bookstore located at the departure floor. It shows the village life as in ancient Thailand.

Each painting seemed to tell its own story about life. Just to share….

Here is a picture of the birds of paradise arranged on top of daisies. From far, I had thought the picture were of artificial birds but as I got nearer I noticed it is the flower arrangement featuring bird of paradise.

This picture is taken at the Kuala Lumpur International airport near the international departure hall.

Garfield stickers come in all designs and inventions. You even have Garfield dressed up with different zodiac signs like Leo, Aquarious, Pisces, Taurus, Libra, Virgo, etc. As today is Mooncake festival, I thought of sharing some zodiac based stickers from our cartoon character Garfield:

And the second one:

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Here are more Garfield stickers which I had bought over the years- some after when I started working when places like Living Cabin were having offer: 

The above is very cute. More if it….

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I really have a lot of Garfield stickers because I grew up during the time when Garfield stickers were really popular. Let me share the early ones which some I had bought from friends, and some my mom bought back from department stores (that had long gone bankcrupt by now).

These stickers were with me during primary school (before I was even 12 years old):

I’ve had much more of those but they were either being used on friend’s autograph books, sold or being exchange with others. Even in primary school, we started to sell and buy things from each other.

The stickers below came later…somewhere during teens. Bought from Guardian, I think:

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