Do you need to invest in fancy or coloured pens to sparkle your creativity?

Pens and stationeries

Some folks may say that what difference does it make between writing using a 50 cents pen vs a $4 or $10 pen? After all, the purpose of a pen is to get words written on a piece of paper or a book. Any pen can achieve that purpose rite? Since end of last year, [...]

Follow Your Heart Monthly Planner

Each year, I would shop for planners, diaries and calendar to use as a tool to improve my planning capacity. I also draw a lot of inspiration from YouTube videos made by vloggers about planning. For next year, I have bought an A4 sized planner themed as “Follow Your Heart”. As shown below, the designs [...]

Tips and creative ideas to decorate your diary and planner

I have spent hours watching the various videos in YouTube that teaches on decorating one’s planner. If you plan to decorate your planner, it can really take up heaps of your time- but the end result would give you the inspiration to plan and then check on the planner each time. Checking on the planner [...]

Creative display using items on sale

Toy store display

A store can really make use of their glass display to showcase the items that they are selling. These items, arranged neatly, sometimes with themes can really attract visitors to their store. One inspiring display is from Daiso whereby they would have glass as part of their store boundaries and then display all their items [...]

Creative Store Display Using Colors- to inspire customers to buy

Colourful towel display by colour tones

Displaying using an array of colours will attract attention of customers. Once the eye is attracted to the colour display, the customer’s imagination would run on the potential uses of the item. That is why if it is a craft store, it should contain some samples of finished products arranged in the store display to [...]