Face portrait painting at a mall

There is a shop located in Sunway Pyramid (in front of Kenny Rogers Roasters) that does face portrait painting. The portrait of different people with expressions are being displayed around the booth. On the day I went, a lady was painting a face from a photo in a laptop. In the age of digital photographs, [...]

Beautiful Orchid Garden

Orchid garden in Jenjarom

Below is a beautiful orchid garden located in Dong Chan Si in Jenjarom: Above are nice pick orchids. Pink and yellow orchids Purple, red and pink orchids. White, pink, yellow and purple orchids.  

More creative Ang Pow packet designs

Creative ang pow packet designs

Below are some creative ideas for ang pau packet designs. Most designers would be commissioned to work on ang pau packet design for companies many months in advance. Hopefully some of the designs below would provide you with some ideas and inspiration. I am proud to say that our local ang pau packets are getting [...]

Beautiful floral arrangements at Buddhist temples

Floral arrangement Kwan Inn Teng temple for Wesak

I came across some amazing and simply beautiful floral arrangements that have been set up by temples on Wesak Day recently. There is a lot of care, love, effort and creativity that goes into creating these beautiful flower arrangement. I took some pictures of these floral arrangements as they are so beautiful and inspiring. Kwan [...]

CNY Ang Pau packet designs

ang pow packet design

Even though Chinese New Year is over now, there are so many creative ang pau packet designs available that would definitely help for those who are tasked to come up with ang pau packet designs for their companies. Here are some of the designs:   Above are from banks: HSBC and OCBC. OCBC have a [...]