Offering Classes for your skill to earn extra income

If you have a hobby that you are good at doing, why not consider offering weekend classes for beginners?

For those who are into crafting, you can offer these classes at weekend craft bazaars (they are a lot of them mushrooming around) or promote this via name cards and blogs/websites. It reminds me of shops selling knitting products- you will always see lots of ladies buying yarns and wool and knitting together. All they need to do is to purchase the knitting products. Normally the products are priced a little bit higher than usual but no one cared because a free class is thrown in.

On the other hand, classes can be offered for a fee. For example, I saw this Malaysian blog  that offers glass painting classes in Jelatek Business Park, Kuala Lumpur at affordable price. There are slots to choose from, depending on the student’s convenience. Price start from RM50/pax per session where project materials and paint are provided- you even get to take your finished product home

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