A woman who quit a successful job to follow her dream

Meet Regina Silva, who quit a succesful full time job to become a freelance illustrator/graphic designer in Manila.

I found her website http://www.wedgienet.net/, through an article, How I Quit My Job to Follow My Dream written by her.  At first she had thought that she had found her dream job as a motion graphic artists. But in the end, she realised the job was not for her- the hours are crazy, and she had to work through public holidays and usually put in long hours. Even though she got to work behind the scene of a show she had watched as a child and get to mix with many respected people in the industry, she had decided to let it all go to pursue her own dream.


A snapshot of her website

She resigned without a job and took a year to draw and design for herself. Now, she designs and sell her handmade products from her website and via other websites. She designs wallpapers, notebooks, mugs, batches, cards, etc and her designs are really unique.

I love to see pictures of her designs and workplace, which she had shared in her Flickr album and on her website. Check out her beautiful erasers made to shape like food.  Really gifted and creative 🙂

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