How to make your own ribbon bows

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Bows like the above would add class and perceived value of the gift. But the ready made ones are also quite expensive.  If you have the time, you can try your hand at making ribbon bows because a roll of ribbon can make up to 5 or 10 ribbon bows (depending how large is the roll) – sometimes, the price of a ribbon bow cost almost as much as the roll that you buy from a sewing store.

There is a good tutorial in YouTube on how to make ribbon bows:

The important secret to a beautiful bow is to be able to cut the middle area thin enough that it does not break the ribbon but good enough that you can twist into different angles easily. After cutting, you need to tie the thin age of another ribbon firmly on the cut middle area- make sure it is secured. I’ve learned this through countless of mistakes I’ve made with ribbon bows over the years.

Storing your ribbon bows

Making beautiful bows can be therapeutic and can help to destress you. It is also fulfilling because it takes only minutes (once you are used to making them) to see results. It is important never to let anything press on to these bows because once you do so, the bows will permanently run out of shape. Usually I keep my bows at transparent plastic containers so that they are free from dust and would not be pressed on.

Also, it is a good idea to coordinate your wrapping paper to have complimentary/contrast hues to your  ribbon colour. For me, it is not an issue because I have a ribbon collection with many different colour tones and hues- but quite an investment over the years.

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