Inside a Living Cabin Store- selling gift items

Craft Stores

 Living Cabin has many branches- there is a large store comprising of 3 floors located in front of Kota Raya in Petaling Street area, Kuala Lumpur. The one below is located inside a shopping complex: Living Cabin sells all sorts of items/gifts/ memorablia imaginable like photo frame, money box, note books, stickers, craft kits, fridge [...]

Lovely Lace store- inspiring display

Craft Stores

Here are some photos taken from Lovely Lace stores- selling craft, gift items, home decorations. They have started selling Christmas gifts as Christmas is approaching. The items sold by Lovely Lace are of better quality, usually imported- but I understand that the items are not longer made in US- if not mistaken, it’s outsourced to [...]

Fridge Magnets sold in Shopping Complex

Fridge Magnets

Below are the fridge magnet display in a store in Atria Shopping Complex, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The small magnets seen below are sold for RM1 a piece and if a person buy 12, then it is only RM10. It comes in shapes of animals, food, flowers, etc. The fridge magnets below are 3 for RM10.  It [...]

Example of a handmade fridge magnet

Fridge Magnets

Here’s an example of a fridge magnet that I’ve made: I’ve use the wire hair claws- and then I bend it into a circle. Why I used the hair claws is because it helps me to stitch all components together with ease. At first, I sew the ribbon roses. Then I take a branch from [...]

Colorful items around us

Creative Life

Combinations of colors around us can be an inspiration….. Above: Colorful jossticks placed at Khao Kitchakut, Thailand Above: Colorful candles before prayers- each color denotes a different day of birth (Monday- Sunday)  Above: Colorful chopsticks taken at Chiang Mai airport