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Well, some crafters may be hopelessly challenged in organising. Even though as a crafter, being organised makes you find things easier, sometimes the habit of leaving crafting materials all over the table to be within reach spilled over in other areas of our lives.

We know we need to pay our bills on time, get errands done, keep our appointments- and actually keeping, maintaining and opening our book organisers. Some try PDAs and Blackberry.


I know some who go for organizer or diary shopping- buying the most expensive and ‘functional’ organizer/diary in hope that it can serve as a tool to remember appointments, store friends/suppliers info and phone numbers, etc. The first week or two, the person may get very excited about the organiser- and start storing info. After a while, it lay unopened.

There is a suggestion that I would like to propose for those who are facing this predicament….


Consider getting a creative or even a childish looking organiser (picture above shows the cover of one such organiser). The organiser above is sold in Living Cabin (gift store) at RM19.90.

Why do I say that? Because somehow, creative beings are wired differently from the left brained Wall Street financial planners who cannot function without their organisers.

Whereas for creative folks… things like colour and designs actually motivate the person to write and update the book. The formidable and serious colours (dark brown, black, dark blue) hardly inspire the creative mind to open, flip through and record things.


Above is a sample month organiser from the cartoon looking organiser above. Below, there is the weekly planner.

And the book actually have different colour tones- pink, green, blue, etc.


Personally, I have used creative notebooks that I carry in my bag and everywhere I go so that I get to jot down ideas immediately. This enables me to continue writing and maitaining different blogs that I have.  I bought a book with a cute design that I like- whereby every page that you flip is almost different.

So far, I’ve been quite disciplined in jotting everything down in the book instead of bits and pieces of paper. Boring and sterile looking diaries/organisers, even though stylish had never worked for me in the past. Even this year, I have been given a nice ‘corporate’ looking management diary by my agent, I only wrote a few pages and now the book lies in my living room- neglected and unread.

Where to get this type of books

In Malaysia, it’s either at Hinode (they usually sell everything at RM5 each) or Living Cabin. If you buy them from hypermarkets or bookstore, they are quite ridicolously overpriced. You’ll probably need to get in shops that sells ‘made in China’ products- like Hinode or Living Cabin.

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