Dough Figurines in Sunway Pyramid


Recently I visited Sunway Pyramid in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. In conjuction with its Chinese New Year celebration, a stall selling dough figurines were set up:


This stall is located at the central court and will be there will 22 February 2010.

You can see the figurines- from deities and Chinese gods to modern figure like those of football players and even Jackie Chan. Behind you see a picture of a guy- and there is a dough figurine made that looked like him.

No doubt China has a lot of mass produced crafts, this is one of the authentic and unique craft from China. Dough figures are made using coloured clay and they are made one by one right in front of your eyes.


Above from left: Deity of Wealth, Deity of Long Life and Deity of Good Luck. They are always three together. Behind is God of War.


Above are smaller ones. They sell for RM10 each.


This is the crafter who was bought specially from Yunan, China to handcraft the items himself at the stall. He would be spending Chinese New Year away from his family in China this year. I spoke to him- he speaks Mandarin with a heavy accent- but he was very friendly. He was seated at the side of the stall on a chair. You can see there is a plastic bag- inside is white clay. Then he has coloring and his craft tools to cut and mould the clay. Only very simple setup- nothing eleborate and he is all set up and was moulding his figurines as the visitors watched in awe.

There are videos related to dough figurines which I would include here:


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