Paper cutting decorative craft

In the local television in 8TV, I chanced upon a segment on a paper crafter- if I remember correctly, he is based in Malacca. The pictures were snapped straight from the TV screen (that’s why you can see the Chinese subtitles):

The decorative cutting can be used to decorate glass walls like the one above. These recent years, paper art is getting quite popular.
The above is another design.

Meet the crafter himself:


 Here, he is demonstate that the cuttings, done on plastic surface and being made like a sticker form can be used to stick on glass surfaces. Even his Tshirt also has the design- he must have used some kind of iron-on material.

One a particular design is done, it can  be reproduced on paper (use for hanging up or as part of greeting cards or scrapbook, sticky plastic (to be used as stickers), on mugs and Tshirts.


 Above is the portion of the stall selling the items.


The actual store where handcrafted shoes are being sold in the store. Handcrafted shoes are well known in Malacca.

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