A way to store your satin ribbon collection


I’ve written in an earlier article that a toolbox is an excellent way to store your satin ribbons. You can arrange them according to color tones. I’ve acquired the ribbons through the years- and those exclude ribbons that I’ve finished using because I’ve lost count of how many ribbon roses that I’ve sewn.


You can get a toolbox for less than RM10 when they are on discount. The colour combinations already a bit out as I’ve not put them back in proper order. Just close the box securedly and you can keep your ribbon dust free. You can also consider getting a transparent toolbox so that you can see through the colors. 

Ribbons get entangled easily if you don’t roll them back up after use. And to ensure the ribbons do not run, secure them with a stationery pins that you can get inexpensively. I actually bought a box of colorful stationery pins so that I pin back with corresponding ribbon colors.

Usually, I will pick up different color for each hairclip or ribbon roses that I stitch. The floor will be scattered with ribbons of all sorts of shades and colors- I and as I packed up for the day, I will roll back each one and secured with the pin and store it properly. The next day when I want to use again, I will repeat the same thing again.

I used to buy a lot from ribbons because I am attracted by colors. The small ribbons cost about 80 cents while the medium ones are about RM2- you need to get them from sewing shops and not from stationery shops. Satin ribbons sold at stationery shops or malls are more expensive.

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