My own handmade ribbon roses hair clips

Below are some of the ribbon roses hair clips that I’ve made. What I have is many times more than what is shown below. Over the years, I’ve made countless of them:


The white beaded hairclip was way back during my schooling days. But the ribbon roses were made when I was working. When I was working in shifts, I used to be making these ribbon roses hair clips while watching MTV Classic- when I listen to songs of the 80s or 90s as well as hits during that time. I remember the show then was hosted by the VJ Belinda…. therefore, each time when I listen to songs by Jennifer Love Hewitt (Barenaked), Michelle Branch (her initial hits), NSync, etc would remind me of those times.

You can make clips using your favourite color combinations. You may not be into hair clips but you can also do the same for custom jewelry that you make using beads- to match your outfits.  Some have been given away as gifts, and I allocate some for my own use- and once I used one, it will not be put back with the unusued ones.

It’s important to store your crafts properly to avoid exposure to insects, dust and moisture. The ribbon roses clips are stored in steel boxes that came with mooncakes. You can also buy clear storage boxes. Store in cool dry places.

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