Edible Roses for Cakes

Edible Cuties

Aren’t the colorful roses below beautiful? They’re completely edible!


 These roses are on sale and I  can’t resist taking pictures of them- they come in all sorts of pastel colors in which I love.  The one below would look beautiful gracing a grand wedding cake.


 Edible roses and flowers are made from ingredients similar to wafer or cream sugar. I chanced upon this being sold at a bakery supplier- seemed to be their new products because previously I did not see these edible roses being on sale.

I strongly doubt it is possible to make these roses using machines- they are handcrafted and it is time consuming. But in the store, the purple pastel rose is only sold for RM5.50 at the store. If you buy from malls or grocery stalls, it would probably cost much more.


 Above are more simplier edible flowers. It is usually found on miniature cupcakes or cakes.  Usually for those who are producing a lot of cupcakes for a specific function, buying these ready made edible decorations really save a lot of time and even manpower costs.


 Above: These handcrafted roses are beautiful. They look beautiful on a wedding cake. I also sew similar looking roses as hair clips and fridge magnets.


Above are some handcrafted little teddy bears- also to be used on cakes or cupcakes. They are sold for about RM11 and there’re about 2 dozens in a packet.

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