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This little sticker kiosk called Trisin Trading has been around for about 7 to 8 years and it’s located at AEON Big (former Carrefour) at Subang. The place is no longer available at Carrefour Subang- based on the web, their latest location is at the following:

AEON Big Shopping Centre,
No. LG01, Jalan Peel,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-92003599

It’s a place where you can pick up your favourite designs and some personal message and have them made for you immediately.  These catalogues are quite worn out because they’ve been used for a number of years.


There are various cartoon characters from Pokemon, Mickey, Barbie, etc which you can pick. Usually, children will be very excited as their parents bring them over to pick on their favourite designs.  The first time I visited this kiosk years ago, I must admit I was as excited as a kid because I have loved stickers – from young till now.

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Sticker Kiosks where you can get your customised stickers printed immediately

Sticker Kiosks where you can get your customised stickers printed immediately

With just the initial startup of buying the sticker printing machine, renting a space/kiosk, buying the sticker ribbons (for printers), employing someone to be on duty and templates (for the stickers to be printed on) and a software, one is ready to go and start the business.

Furthermore, such business is not labor intensive and the owner just have to incurr some initial start-up cost of buying the materials, the maintenance is fairly easy.

Catalogues can be made from modified clear folders and photo albums.  Then, someone will have to be stationed around the kiosk and the person will need to be taught to operate the machine.


There is even various displays around- so it gives you a good idea on how the finished product will look like and which size/colour/shape that you would like to select. After you have made your selection (colour, fonts, shape, design), the staff will usually do a preview of about few stickers to show you to confirm if you are okay. Once you are okay, then she will go ahead to print out the orders (min is 100) and prices ranges from RM17 to RM40 (if I am not mistaken).

This type business will do well in carnivals, colleges, craft fairs and shopping complexes.  It allows the customers to be creative in selecting and determining their own designs. Of course, many home based business will print label stickers to be featured as part of their product. Sometimes couples also print their wedding annoucements on stickers and distribute with door gifts. There are so many things you can do with stickers printing.

Years ago, a friend of my brother quit his job and come out to open his own business of making industrial stickers. He bought a machine from South Korea of the size of almost a Mini Minor car (yes, it’s true!). It is a risk but he took it. I was told that the orders are made in huge bulk and each will cost a few cents. The machine is huge compared to the small sticker printing used in this little kiosk.

I made my second batch of stickers with this kiosk- 100 pcs of 50x 30mm label stickers causing me RM19.00. Instead of using black fonts, I have requested for purple font and I was charged an additional RM3. Sometimes in craft bazaars, I’ve also seen people renting kiosks to sell these stickers but over the years, these come and go.

As for this little kiosk located in Subang Carrefour, it had been around for many years- it is located opposite the second level entrance of Carrefour, next to the AAM kiosk.

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