Buying beads- in bulk or in small quantities?

Because I love beads, I’ve spent years scouting for them all over the place. For many years, it seemed that I never got tired looking at them- so I’ve amassed quite a collection and spent a little fortune just on buying beads.

When buying, you may be wondering, ‘should I buy in bulk or buy in smaller quantities?’


Bought these beads, along side with other items during a shopping spree few years ago after an exceptionally stressed day at work. Till today, they still remain in the packaging, unopened

Sometimes when you walk into stores, you may be tempted to buy a larger pack at a much cheaper discount. Now, buying craft items is very much like shopping in bulk. You see an item in the hypermarket that catches your eye and if you buy a dozen or in a quantity of 100, you get the save. The thing is, can you be sure that you will need so much of it?

When you are experimenting with a design, then you save more if you buy in smaller quantities. Well, unless you are a big scale craft producer that uses a lot of the same material. Then it’s a totally different story.

My point is that, store assistants may suggest that you get the bigger package because it is cheaper. But if you have no use for it, you may just end up wasting your hard earned money….like me- I can’t tell you how many large quantities items that I’ve bought on impulse that are still lying at the corner somewhere. Experiment and put that idea on paper before you actually decide- don’t buy large items things when concepts are ‘all in your mind’ and have not materialise yet.

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But once you hit on a certain idea that know that you would need large quantities of the items, then by all means, buy it in bulk. For instance, I love to make hairclips- so it makes sense that I buy metal barettes in bulk (usually in a few dozen) than in small quantities because there is a huge price difference.

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