Colorful items around us

Combinations of colors around us can be an inspiration….. Above: Colorful jossticks placed at Khao Kitchakut, Thailand Above: Colorful candles before prayers- each color denotes a different day of birth (Monday- Sunday)  Above: Colorful chopsticks taken at Chiang Mai airport

Coconut crafts and other wooden crafts

This little store is located alongside a highway stop on my way to Chiang Mai. The stop has a petrol station, 7 Eleven store and Amazon coffee.  When I asked permission from the owner, a middle aged lady to take photo, she promoted some of the items sold in her shop. Compared to the prices [...]

Souvenir Kiosk in a Shopping Complex

Here is a picture taken from a souvenir or gift kiosk located at Central Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai.  The items here are mass produced- and a lot of places sell such items. But if you can find these items in a lot of shops, then usually people would not be buying it a lot. When [...]

Cross Stitch Kits Sold at Shops

When the cross stitch craze first started decades ago when I was very young, I remembered the cross stitch cloth and the threads specially for cross stitch are very pricey. Today, the price had gone down and I can find cross stitch kits being sold at some gift or stationery shops. Above: Together with the cloth, [...]

How to secure fridge magnets so that it will not fall off

 Do you find that sometimes, the magnets fall off the decoration after a while?  That is why I don’t really like to glue the magnets to the decorations- unless you are using super glue- but you may risk gluing your fingers. Usually when I make fridge magnets, I do not glue- but I take the [...]