How to find inspiration in color combinations for your designs

Everything around you can be an inspiration in your creative products. Product advertisement in the papers, billboards, magazines will give you lots of ideas on the colours you can use. Years ago, I bought 2 Color Harmony books. Color Harmony contains ideas on combinations of colors that you can use. At the back, there are [...]

Collection of Fridge Magnets

Here are some fridge magnets sold in a gift store: I have bought the purple and green tortoise fridge magnets because tortoise and turtles are some of my favourite animals.

Buying beads- in bulk or in small quantities?

Because I love beads, I’ve spent years scouting for them all over the place. For many years, it seemed that I never got tired looking at them- so I’ve amassed quite a collection and spent a little fortune just on buying beads. When buying, you may be wondering, ‘should I buy in bulk or buy [...]

Exquisite Jewellery by Faberge

When I flipped on The Star dated 10 May 2010, I  came across the high end jewellery collection by Faberge.  So beautiful- the gemstones as well as the craftsmanship. I can’t resist to take a picture and post it here: Isn’t it beautiful? The bird as well as the flowers below are glitters of the [...]

Personalised instant stickers, barcode, cute label stickers printing

This little sticker kiosk called Trisin Trading has been around for about 7 to 8 years and it’s located at AEON Big (former Carrefour) at Subang. The place is no longer available at Carrefour Subang- based on the web, their latest location is at the following: AEON Big Shopping Centre, No. LG01, Jalan Peel, 55100 Kuala Lumpur [...]