Buying beads- in bulk or in small quantities?


Because I love beads, I’ve spent years scouting for them all over the place. For many years, it seemed that I never got tired looking at them- so I’ve amassed quite a collection and spent a little fortune just on buying beads. When buying, you may be wondering, ‘should I buy in bulk or buy [...]

Ribbon roses fridge magnets

Fridge Magnets, ribbons

Because I love ribbon roses so much, I use them to make all sorts of crafts. Below are a few of the ribbon roses fridge magnets that I’ve made using inexpensive satin ribbons:  Basically I just stitch the ribbon roses together and top off the sides with another lace ribbon.  After that, I stiched them to [...]

How to make a ribbon rose photo frame

Beads, Craft Projects, ribbons

You can add beautiful finishing touches to wooden photo frames by gluing ribbon roses and beads on them. The wooden photo frame below is from Ikea. How to do it: 1.  Use the Uhu glue and glue some ribbons alongside the border covering the 4 angle of the frame. 2.  Then I sew some pink and purple [...]

Edible Roses for Cakes

Edible Cuties

Aren’t the colorful roses below beautiful? They’re completely edible!  These roses are on sale and I  can’t resist taking pictures of them- they come in all sorts of pastel colors in which I love.  The one below would look beautiful gracing a grand wedding cake.  Edible roses and flowers are made from ingredients similar to wafer or [...]