Sticker Collection as a Hobby

When I was young, I love to buy and collect stickers. The hobby started since I was about 8 or 9 years old.

At first, I kept my stickers haphazardly and it became very disorganized. One day, I got myself a huge photo album (those with sticky plastic covers) to put my stickers in. From then, it became easier to view my stickers and for a long time, I find looking at them, as well as creative stickers sold anywhere from gift shops, supermarkets to the day/ night markets very relaxing. And it sparkled my creativity.

I would be sharing my collections of stickers in this and subsequent posts to come. Over the years, they really do add up.

Note: Keeping stickers in photo albums with huge sticky surface may cause your stickers to get stuck on the surface after a few years- and hard to take off. Therefore, it is better if the stickers are covered in their original plastic covering before putting on the sticky album covers. This would ensure you would be able to peel it off later.

First in feature, let me share my Pink Pather sticker collection. I bought this more than 2 decades ago at Guardian pharmacy when they were having sales. Still kept them with me through these years ( you can click on the picture below to enlarge the image):

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