CNY Ang Pau packet designs


Even though Chinese New Year is over now, there are so many creative ang pau packet designs available that would definitely help for those who are tasked to come up with ang pau packet designs for their companies.

Here are some of the designs:

ang pow packet design


Above are from banks: HSBC and OCBC. OCBC have a few designs including ang pau packets of different colours, with different design for each colour.

ang pow packet design

There are also from Standard Chartered Bank and OUB. The OUB one have quite a nice cover which is shown below:

ang pow packet design

Next there is a 3 coloured design from One Utama, MyTown shopping center, Atria and AEON Big:

ang pow packet design

The one from One Utama carries different design per colour. The ang pau packet is thick and made of good quality paper. As per below:

ang pow packet design

There are more designs below:

ang pow packet design

Below is the special edition ang pau packet last year by Hong Leong Bank 2 years ago during the year of the Monkey. I found the packet in my drawer and wanted to take a picture of it. Each pack contains seven ang pau packets of different design each:

There are many different designs that sparkles creativity. We can see that most companies took a lot of effort to design the various ang pau packets.

View the complete listing of ang pau packet designs which I have compiled.

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