Miniature craft/ fridge magnets on local dishes

Fridge Magnets

If your country is well known for its gourmet and food, you can come out with miniature versions of these dishes in the form of decorative items and fridge magnets to be sold at craft bazaars, online or at tourist spots.

Example is at Amphawa floating market in Thailand, where famous local Thai dishes are made into miniature decorative items and fridge magnets (you may click at the image of the fridge magnet to enlarge the picture):

Miniature Thai dishes decoration

Above are miniature well known dishes like som tam (papaya salad), khao nao ma muang (mango glutinous rice), fried rice, fried noddles, seafood dishes, meat sticks, etc. You can also find hand crafted miniature cupboards to place all these miniature dishes inside.

Fridge magnets of well known Thai dishes

Another stall carries these dishes in a fridge magnet and keychain forms. At the picture below on your left, you can see keychains of various fishes in original, fried or BBQ form. We usually eat these fried fishes (usually slightly salted) with rice porridge or as a dish with the local chili paste (nam prik ka pit).

For those with more colour and intricate details, it is not so practical to have them in keychain form as movement would cause the items to disintegrate or fall off. These like som tam (papaya salad) or mama (Thai well known brand of instant noddles) are made into fridge magnets.

Actually the details are so intricate that it looks like the real thing so the price is worth paying for. A customer can buy for themselves to add on to their fridge magnet collection or to a friend abroad who love a particular dish.

Fridge magnets of well known Thai dishes


Fridge magnets of well known Thai dishes

I am not sure if it is individually made or mass produced by the quality of the miniature crafted items are really good.

For example if you are based in Japan, you can come up with some real intricate miniature sushi. Or in Malaysia and Singapore, a host of local dishes/food/fruits such as nasi lemak, mee goreng, roti canai, teh tarik, durian, cendol.

Watch the YouTube video of how a crafter from India makes miniature Indian dishes:

And another tutorial that gives you an idea on how to make miniature dishes:


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