Offering food in cute mini sizes to increase sales

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If you are selling food or desserts, consider offering them in small bite chunk sizes with more variety. This would potentially encourage customers to buy more of your items in order to enjoy the different flavors because mini sizes does not look so overwhelming.

Let’s take an example of an ice cream seller selling ice cream on cones. Now, if you have a variety of flavour but selling on a normal size cone, one person would usually be able to eat only one cone. But usually if you were to observe people those who are standing in front of an ice cream counter…. they are usually undecided as to what flavour to eat because just one or two scoops would make them very full.

You can help them to solve this dilemma by offering in mini sizes. Refer to the picture below:

Mini ice cream cones

Basically the seller placed a simple mock display of the ice cream in the mini cones together with the pricing. He had at least 10 flavours of ice cream to choose from.

Do keep the pricing affordable… for example selling 5 mini cones for 5 bucks. On a hot and sunny day, one would be really tempted to eat this. Those on diet can just have one small cone…. just one like on a cheat day treat.

Mini ice cream

I tried one of the flavours and find that the ice cream quality is good. Only thing is that you would need to arrange for custom mini cones to be made and a scoop small enough to scoop the ice cream.

Other examples are mini sized cupcakes and jellies where you can make them in smaller sizes and sell each one for a lower price than a normal sized one. Adding colours and different flavours, you would encourage your customers to try out more variety of what you have to offer.

Just like macarons, they are colorful that it attracts the eye and each one is only in bite sizes:

Colourful Macarons


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