Wall painting, art and statues in Survanabhumi airport, Bangkok


When you arrive in Bangkok via Survanabhumi airport, do take time to admire cultural wall art, painting, flower arrangements and statues. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived in Survanabhumi airport to be greeted by the various cultural wall paintings:

Survanabhumi airport art painting

There are paintings such as above decorating the walls as you enter the main building from the plane. The paintings are not just randomly put together. I believe each of the painting carries deep meaning and even a profound message. For example if I am not mistaken, the painting above expressed the wheel of life in the human existence.

After you completed the Immigration procedure and proceed to collect your baggage, you would see large wall paintings like the ones shown below:

They are in relation to Buddhism and Buddhist cosmology. Above are the heavenly elephant and the devas. Each wall separating the baggage aisle has a different painting and theme.

Departure (Level 5)

At the departure level of Survanabhumi airport, there are a few huge statues who are guardian deities:

This is the section where people check in at the airlines. After completing security checks and Immigration, you would be greeted by the iconic statue of Brahmas and the Naga:

At this level, there are no wall paintings but there are numerous duty free shops where you would be able to buy last minute items if you have not already done so.

The Survanabhumi airport would definitely inspire the artist in you as it contains the elements of Thai cultural and heritage.

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