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Importance of having a website if you are a craft seller

If you sell craft supplies, it is important to distinguish yourself from other suppliers. Also, do you know that there ...
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Creative Mooncake Varieties

In the olden days, there are only about 2 flavours of mooncakes- they were stacked on top of one another ...
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Art by Vincent Van Gogh- Part 2

This is the second part of his paintings:   Left: Twelve Sunflowers in a Vase (August 1888) Middle: Self Potrait ...
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Art by Vincent Van Gogh- Part 1

This is a stack of cards consisting of Vincent Van Gogh's (1853- 1890) paintings:   BELOW: Clockwise from left: 1. Van ...
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Decorative Cakes by Kimberly Chapman

Kimberly provided a gallery of all the cakes she had baked. The cakes are very creative. Source: In her ...
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Eyeball Cake by June Foo

I've had this page in my favourite list for a long time. June Foo baked an Eyeball Cake for her ...
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Chinese Maiden Potraits on Steel Boxes

Above: Biscuit Box with a lady with Nyonya dressing. Above: Mooncake Box Some companies in Malaysia market products using attractive ...
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Cute Chocolate pictures

Maxis (Malaysia's mobile company) ran a couple of advertisement that showcase a lot of mouthwatering edible cute stuff. Here are ...
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