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Creative ang pow packet designs

More creative Ang Pow packet designs

Below are some creative ideas for ang pau packet designs. Most designers would be commissioned to work on ang pau ...
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Floral arrangement Kwan Inn Teng temple for Wesak

Beautiful floral arrangements at Buddhist temples

I came across some amazing and simply beautiful floral arrangements that have been set up by temples on Wesak Day ...
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ang pow packet design

CNY Ang Pau packet designs

Even though Chinese New Year is over now, there are so many creative ang pau packet designs available that would ...
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Gila Gila comic cartoons at Paradigm mall

Local comic strips to decorate vacant lots in a mall

Given the current economic situation, it may not be possible to have 100% occupancy in a mall. In the past, ...
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Pens and stationeries

Do you need to invest in fancy or coloured pens to sparkle your creativity?

Some folks may say that what difference does it make between writing using a 50 cents pen vs a $4 ...
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Follow Your Heart Monthly Planner

Each year, I would shop for planners, diaries and calendar to use as a tool to improve my planning capacity ...
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Tips and creative ideas to decorate your diary and planner

I have spent hours watching the various videos in YouTube that teaches on decorating one's planner. If you plan to ...
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Toy store display

Creative display using items on sale

A store can really make use of their glass display to showcase the items that they are selling. These items, ...
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Colourful towel display by colour tones

Creative Store Display Using Colors- to inspire customers to buy

Displaying using an array of colours will attract attention of customers. Once the eye is attracted to the colour display, ...
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Painting of owl PJstate

Beautiful painting of an owl on the walls of carpark

Below is a painting of a huge owl painted on a parking complex in PJ State: The painting of the ...
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