Edible Cuties

Edible Roses for Cakes

Edible Cuties

Aren’t the colorful roses below beautiful? They’re completely edible!  These roses are on sale and I  can’t resist taking pictures of them- they come in all sorts of pastel colors in which I love.  The one below would look beautiful gracing a grand wedding cake.  Edible roses and flowers are made from ingredients similar to wafer or [...]

Cupcake Making Toolkit for Kids

Craft Projects, Edible Cuties

Today at a bookstore, I saw some boxes consisting of cupcake making kit which is suitable for kids as a weekend craft project.  The toolbox is availabe only for RM32.90- prices now have definitely gone down compared to the initial cupcake craze. In the box, there is a 40 page colourful book teaching you how [...]

Creative Mooncake Varieties

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In the olden days, there are only about 2 flavours of mooncakes- they were stacked on top of one another and wrapped using a piece of paper. Else, pay 30sen more and you get a cardboard box that can store 4 mooncakes- usually bought for gifts. Each mooncake those days were handmade fresh and contain [...]

Decorative Cakes by Kimberly Chapman

Edible Cuties

Kimberly provided a gallery of all the cakes she had baked. The cakes are very creative. Source: http://kimberlychapman.com/crafts/cakes/cakegallery.html In her site, she explained the story behind each cake and she also provided guide on how the figurines and the cakes were made.