Divisions of Craftsmen in Thailand

Thailand is rich in its cultural art and intricate designs. This is evident when you are visiting the temples in Thailand – where the design differ from one temple to another. This year, Kasikorn Bank’s table calendar showcases the 10 divisions of craftsmen in Thailand. The description is written in Thai language but from the [...]

Does your working place impact your productivity and creativity?

I believe that our work space have influence on our productivity and creativity. Each and every one of us have a certain setting where we feel we are at our most focused and productive best. Some people find that they work best when they are at a cafe like Starbucks. Some would work best in [...]

Teaching art and crafts- fulfilling way to earn extra income

If you are a good artists or painter, you may want to consider conducting teaching classes to earn an extra income… and have fun doing it at the same time. There are 3 ways to teach: 1. Teach via classes by going to homes 2. Teach by renting a place or creating a studio in [...]

Etsy New Guidelines effective 30 Jul 19 effecting small crafters

Miniature Thai dishes decoration

Etsy recently announced a new guidelines that is to take effect 30 July 2019 where their  search algorithm for products listed in US would favor sellers that offer free shipping for total purchase of USD35 and above. This new regulation would put a strain on small time creators and crafters who are barely making enough [...]

Same product, attractive packaging will boost your sales

If there are 2 identical items of the similar quality, price or taste- which one do you think will sell more. The one with the plain packaging or colorful creative packaging? It is almost always the one with the more beautiful packaging or design would sell better. Generally hypermarkets would often have their own products [...]